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Written by
Dick Scanlan and Sherie Rene Scott

Additional material by
Andre Kelley, Marvin Lewis, Felix Machado, Richard Norat, and Jeffrey Rivera

Directed by
Michael Mayer and Dick Scanlan

A celebrity actress ventures behind the bars of a mens' maximum security prison to help a group of inmates tell their stories while quietly serving her own community service sentence.  Through sharing intimate details, a close bond is formed between the characters that forces us to examine issues of extreme punishment, the importance of rehabilitation, and the imperfect workings of the criminal justice system. 

Original Artwork by Justin Bua

Original Artwork by Justin Bua

Book, music, and lyrics by
Gilbert L. Bailey II

Jarrell thinks he’s made it to the big time when he lands a record deal to write songs for the monster label, Jam Box Records. But when he gets a hit record he finds that numbers can be deceptive, relationships change fast, and signing on the dotted line was just the beginning of a long journey with someone else is in the driver’s seat. He's always one hit away. He's always, ‘Bout to Blow.



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Book, music, and lyrics by
Michael Ogborn

The story of immigrant Bruno Richard Hauptmann is told through the lens of his wife Anna Hauptmann. Hero worship of Charles Lindbergh, issues of bigotry, an unethical police force, and a media frenzy collide in sensationalized events that remain all too familiar in America today. 

T R I A L is a thrilling 90 minute one act musical with a gripping story and a score that soars. 

All the German immigrants (Anna and Richard Hauptmann, their friends Hans Kloppenburg and Gerte Henkel) are cast as black, thus turning a mirror on America today with regards to the criminal justice system.